Monday, July 5, 2010

Fun Day At Sea.....

Our Fun Day at Sea #2 began with lots of clouds and rain which meant LOTS of swaying for the Elation.

I was probably the only person out of 2600 on this ship thankful for the warm, cloudy overcast skies but it makes perfect pool weather for a sun phobic girl like me.

It has since cleared up and is now BLAZING hot! I'm back up to the 70 spf sunscreen now. I had took it down to 45 spf this morning.

We are still in pretty high seas though so we are still really rocking.

We have seen some pretty sick people this morning. None of us have been sick, thankfully.

I'm not sure the time difference to back home. Ship time is 11:40am. as I'm writing this.

I know many of my favorite people are enjoying their 4th of July off work today since the actual holiday was on a Sunday.

Enjoy your day!

I hope you have a fabulous Monday!

Love you, MUCH!


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